Men's netball is a game you want to play

Men’s netball is an exciting, athletic sport where players require speed, agility and co-ordination to succeed.

Often described as much faster and stronger than women’s netball, men’s netball is an intense, highly-skilled game where only a few intercepts can change the course of a match.

Even though netball is officially classed as a non-contact sport, at Men’s State League level, every ball is hotly contested and play is quite competitive and physical.

NSW in action

Men's netball is building momentum

Incredible opportunities

NSW receive coaching from Jill McIntosh
NSW Opens receive intensive coaching from emerging elite coaches head coach and Australian Diamonds coach, Jill McIntosh.

Male netballers regularly get the chance to play against elite women competing in the sport including Australian representative players who are among the best in the world.

Some of our men’s M-League teams train against State League teams from Netball NSW’s women’s competition, and our State and National Representative teams have trained against women’s state teams and those from Suncorp Supernetball.

In addition, our NSW teams are able to access specialist coaching and training camps with some of netball’s finest and most experienced coaches.

In the news

Netball For The Boys

The Project (10)

“The perception then was that it was a women’s sport… the perception is slowly changing which is great.” We discuss the push for more boys to jump on Aussie netball courts with netballer Jerome Gillbard.

National Championships 2018

Studio 10 (10)

Scott Tweedie checked out all the action at the 2018 Australian Men’s & Mixed Netball Championships at Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park.

Three Coasties a part of men’s state netball success

Daily Telegraph – Central Coast

Three  male netball players are breaking through the “Lycra ceiling” to taste national success in the female-dominated sport.

Watch full games

National Championships 2017 Men’s Grand Final

Watch NSW take on Victoria at the Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre. Hosted by netball stalwart and Nine Netball commentator, Sue Gaudion, and former Victorian player and elite netball coach, Dan Ryan. 

National Championships 2018 Men’s Under 20 Preliminary Final

It’s first vs second playing off for a Grand Final position in this preliminary final at the AMMNA 2018 National Championships at the Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park. 

National Championships 2017 Boy’s Under 17 Grand Final

Watch as NSW take their first junior title at a National Championships since 1998. Played at the Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre.