Junior Development Program

The Junior Development Program (JDP) is the cornerstone of Men’s Netball NSW’s pathway to high performance.

The program is available to boys over the age of 10 and has been designed to provide ongoing development opportunities as well as raising awareness of Men’s Netball in the community.

The Program will enhance, nurture and develop your child’s skills in netball within a safe environment.

Delivered in a fun and safe environment, the program is coordinated by accredited coaches to ensure all participants have an enjoyable experience, while developing fundamental skills.

Junior Development Program

Program goals

  • Create safe and supportive environments for enjoyable participation to encourage ongoing involvement
  • Provide an environment for the development of skills
  • Encourage good sporting behaviour and teamwork
  • Provide equal opportunities for all players to participate in netball programs and competitions
  • Encourage and actively cater for talented young sportspeople

Benefits for your child

Access to experts

Being coached by accredited State Coaches and players from MNNSW.


Assessing and improving techniques.


Improve functional fitness.


Opportunity to play in a shorter Junior M-League competition.

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