Umpires play an important role for Men’s Netball NSW.

Umpiring is a fantastic way to get involved with netball, whilst keeping fit and earning money. 

With men’s netball in NSW growing at a rapid rate, there are plenty of opportunities for people to get involved with the sport and earn money at the same time.

What's involved?

  • You will be appointed to M-League matches which are held on Sunday evenings, so there are plenty of opportunities to umpire.
  • Throughout the season you will be provided with one-on-one coaching – so you won’t be dropped into the deep end.
  • Umpires are responsible for managing a netball game both on and off the court. To the players, coaches, officials and spectators, the match in which they are participating is the most important match played that day.

Netball Rules

Men's Netball NSW uses the International Netball Federation's rules with modifications made specifically for M-League and outlined in the adjacent document.

M-League Rules

M-League has modified rules including (but not limited to) adjustments to match duration and injury time, and to outline the player eligibility and points system.

Code of Conduct

We have a culture of success on and off the court, so it's important that all officials agree to role model the right behaviour.

Interested in umpiring for M-League?

Complete our online application below, or get in touch if you have any questions.